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Kokoro Kai & Wakarishin 16th Course & Championships

So many photos and happy memories being shared right now following our annual Southend International Course & Championships at the weekend.
Thanks to all our highly experienced and exceptional instructors for their dedication to Ju-Jutsu, their teaching and to all students who took part. Also, appreciation and thanks to spectators and parents for their continued support and for the friendly atmosphere they bring to the event.
A huge team of highly qualified BJJAGB Referees and Officials work tirelessly all afternoon to ensure that the events run smoothly and safely. We simply cannot provide quality competition without their superb teamwork and commitment to ensuring everyone has the best experience on the day.
Finally, our thanks to all the unsung students and friends of Wakarishin and Kokoro Kai Ju-Jitsu who continue to bring on their ‘A’ game and work tirelessly every year to make sure this event continues to be such a huge success. Your unwavering support and dedication can never be overstated or appreciated enough.
We’ll do it all again next year Saturday 24 May 2025🥋👊❤️
                                                                                                                                                SOUTHEND MEDAL WINNERS LIST 2024

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