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Armed Forces Coaching Course

Sensei Mike Holden and Mark Fitzgerald Lead British Ju Jitsu Coaching Course for British Armed Forces at Colchester Barracks


In a landmark collaboration between British Ju Jitsu coaching officers  and the esteemed British Armed Forces, Sensei Mike Holden and Mark Fitzgerald recently spearheaded a comprehensive coaching course at the Colchester Barracks. The course aimed to enhance the skill set of military personnel in the art of coaching Ju Jitsu, imparting invaluable methods and information.


Sensei Mike Holden, renowned for his expertise in delivering CLEAN SPORT in Ju Jitsu and martial arts, brought his wealth of experience to the forefront, guiding eager learners through the intricacies of the anti doping control.


Mark Fitzgerald, a seasoned instructor with a deep-rooted passion for empowering others through martial arts, joined forces with Sensei Mike Holden to deliver an enriching and dynamic learning experience. With a focus on safeguarding  application and proficiency, Fitzgerald’s instruction complemented Holden’s teachings seamlessly.



Located at the historic Colchester Barracks, the training venue offered an ideal setting for immersive learning. Under the guidance of Sensei Mike Holden and Mark Fitzgerald, participants enhanced their abilities, fostering a sense of confidence and proficiency when delivering  Ju Jitsu to future students.


The collaboration between Sensei Mike Holden, Mark Fitzgerald, and the British Armed Forces exemplifies a synergy between martial arts expertise and military training, highlighting the importance of versatility and preparedness in today’s dynamic landscape.


As the coaching course concluded, participants walked away with enhanced skills, a deeper understanding of coaching and delivering Ju Jitsu principles. The successful culmination of the program stands as a testament to the dedication and expertise of all involved, paving the way for continued collaboration and mutual growth with the British Ju Jitsu Association and the British Armed Forces.

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